Do you have an old asbestos residential or commercial switchboard? Should you considered upgrading your switchboard? Because people often over look their fuse board / switchboard. Your switchboard is where the power gets distributed throughout your house. Because of this it is a very important part providing your family safe electricity in your home.

Your home is supplied electricity from the street via the meter and then on to the switchboard. From there, it then gets distributed throughout your house in sub circuits that are then protected by circuit breakers/fuses/RCDs. The switchboard serves as the distribution point that provides protection for all of your internal wiring.

Here are some main devices we recommend:

Circuit Breakers
The purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect your wiring under fault condition or when current is drawing more than the rated circuit breaker. These rated devices must be correct to protect the electrical load your cables can carry.

RCD (Residual Current Device)
An RCD is a life-saving device which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you accidentally touch something live. They can also prevent fires in certain situations.

Arc Fault Detection Devices
These soon to be mandatory devices are effective at protecting your home and family in the event of an unknown short circuit. Arc faults can be caused by repeatedly pulling out cables by the cord and are often go unnoticed until its an issue.

Surge Protection
These are must in any house especially in rural properties. These devices protect all you appliances against lighting strikes, voltage spikes and power surges. These inexpensive devices can be easily installed and can protect your $1000’s of appliances and equipment from irreversible damage.

The price to install these essential protection devices can vary depending on you switchboard. We can usually estimate switchboard repairs prices from a good photo of the front if the switchboard. And if you are looking for a full switchboard upgrade for your residential switchboard this cost can also vary but would be in the price range of $1500 – $ 2750 + GST.

If you think you need a switchboard upgrade or switchboard repairs done DRL are the ones for the job. Everything DRL Electrical LTD installs and supplies comes with a NZ electrical certificate of compliance and will be installed by a NZ trained and registered electrician.


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